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2012 Fundraiser: Cycling Land's End to John o' Groats!

Paul Blacker cycled nearly 900 miles from Land's End to John o' Groats for the MHMT!

Paul didn't know Mim. He explains: "I happened to hear Miriam's sister on the radio last year after the 7/7 inquests - Miriam was killed in the bombings but I was so impressed by the compassion and dignity that Esther showed that I wanted to support her and her family in some small way."

Updates from Paul

Day 1 over - see the photo from lands end with MHMT t-shirt. Weather was kind until Truro and then rain until finish at Roche. Hilly day to Whiddon Down tomorrow.
Day 5: At my sisters - nearly half way at 670km at 20.1kph - got the ferry across the Mersey this morning and along the sea front at Southport and as a bonus arrived 10 minutes before the storm!
Day 6: In the Greyhound Hotel in Shap - great ride from my sisters aided by her carrying bags (and a tailwind). Gone past 750km so feels like over half way anbd both feeling positive - John hit 76kph on way down from peak of Shap - I was a lot less brave!
Day 7: Into Scotalmd on the hardest day of cycling yet - cold, drizzly and slightly uphill into a wind for 50 miles so far.

After completing the route, Paul wrote:
"Despite forecasts John and I managed to dodge the worst of the weather with only one afternoon (Cornwall) and one morning (near Fort William) of real rain in our cycling adventure. One of the joys of cycling for 6-7 hours a day for a fortnight is you get a lot of time to think and more time than in a car to enjoy some stunning scenery – the Wye Valley near Tintern Abbey, the Climb from Fort William by Neptune’s Steps and Ben Nevis and my personal favourite Glen Coe.

"We also met some lovely people and stayed at some wonderful B&B’s on the way – I think our two favourites were Banavie and Brora but Shap and Sennen ran them close. We also had two fun nights with my sister (Kathy and Dan) and my friend from school (Iain “Sid Sidey and his wife Anne) who were both wonderful to us (although my sister did ensure there was a sporting legacy by getting us to help her build a trampoline for her children !)

"Going through Tavistock and Lockerbie (and near to Warrington) were poignant and emotional reminders of how terrorist violence scars so many lives and the Commando Memorial just outside Banavie re-iterated the cost – with a mix of those remembered who served in the WW2 (mostly 19 when serving) but also in more recent times those in Iraq, Falklands and Afghanistan. I am always reminded that all were “some mother's child”

"There was bright sunshine on the run into John O’Groats which seemed appropriate as it had become obvious to me that Miriam was someone who brought sunshine into many people’s lives – I really felt privileged to do this ride, grateful of the support of all and moved by the kindness of many on the way.”

THANK YOU Paul for taking on this endurance-testing challenge for the MHMT!

Land's End with cycling companion, John 23 June
The Severn Bridge
The Scottish border
John o' Groats 06 July

Will YOU support the MHMT in 2012?

The Thames Path Challenge is on 29 / 30 September. Enter as a team or individual and choose the 50km or 100km challenge. A well-organised event with plenty of support for entrants. Closing date for registration is 31 July.

If you're up for something even more ambitious and exotic, you could choose from the global treks, bikes and climbs run by Charity Challenge, like Kate Green did when she walked the Great Wall of China for the MHMT in 2009.

OR why not just do what Sam Rubinstein did in 2011 - he challenged himself to a 10 mile cycle ride (one mile for each year of his age!) and organised the whole thing himself, including a JustGiving page - with a little help from his mum and dad!

Visit our Donate page for more ideas - THANK YOU!

Money raised will go towards our current target of £50,000 to fund an MHCECC consultant to receive advanced training abroad for one year.

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