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2012 Fundraiser: Naomi Brill's Birthday

Naomi "Pom" Brill held a fundraising birthday party for the MHMT!

Pom knew Mim as next-door-neighbour and friend since she was born. She says: "Mim was my neighbour when I was growing up and like a sister to me. I first met her when I came home from the hospital only three days old. She looked after me and my sister and straightened my hair every Saturday night before GHDs were invented!

"At the end of November, I will be visiting the Miriam Hyman Children's Eye Care Centre for the first time so would love to play my part by donating some money to this great charity...with a little help from my friends!"

The party was at the Comedor Grill & Bar on Saturday 03 November 2012. There were DJ sets from Colourblind, Kojak, Soulful Spider & M Dizzle. Raffle prizes included an original limited edition photo of the Rolling Stones, a Taste London membership, tickets to comedy club Monkey Business, Joseph Joseph goodies, and a Mavis Hyman hand-painted silk scarf with a copy of Mimento: Paintings & Pastels by Miriam Hyman. It was a great night - HAPPY BIRTHDAY POM!

You can still DONATE on Pom's JustGiving page

   Pom with her birthday cake   The raffle

Will YOU support the MHMT in 2013?

There are LOTS of fun ways to raise funds for us!

If you're up for something ambitious and exotic, you could choose from the global treks, bikes and climbs run by Charity Challenge, like Kate Green did when she walked the Great Wall of China for the MHMT in 2009.

OR why not just do what Sam Rubinstein did in 2011 - he challenged himself to a 10 mile cycle ride (one mile for each year of his age!) and organised the whole thing himself, including a JustGiving page - with a little help from his mum and dad!

Visit our Donate page for more ideas - THANK YOU!

Money raised will go towards our current target of £50,000 to fund an MHCECC consultant to receive advanced training abroad for one year.

THANK YOU to Pom for thinking of Mim and the MHMT on the occasion of her birthday :)

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