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2013 Oxford Half Marathon

Amy White & Zena Crane's 2013 Oxford Half Marathon for the MHMT!

Oxford Half Marathon
Sunday 13 October 2013
Kassam Stadium

Amy knew Miriam through her brother. She remembers her as being "so full of life". Photo: Miriam (left) and Amy in 2004.

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This was Amy's first ever half marathon. She finished in two hours thirty-eight minutes. When she started her training, she said, "The half marathon is in just 22 weeks, I've already been training as much as possible, but I'm finding it hard as I'm an absolute beginner at running, so this is a real challenge for me. But the more money i raise the more determine i will be. My target time is under two and a half hours"

At the end of September, Amy updated her JustGiving page: "Less than 3 weeks to go, i'm feeling good about it, the training is going well. And if anyone is gonna watch the race, my number is 1075 and i have pink running shoes :~)"

Zena Crane also ran the Oxford Half Marathon for the MHMT! She finished in two hours three minutes.

Zena ran her first ever half marathon for us in Reading in 2011 (photo). Now she's done it AGAIN! Please contact us to sponsor Zena - thank you!

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to Amy and Zena, and to everyone who continues to sponsor them!

July 2013 was the fifth anniversary of the opening of the MHCECC. Will YOU do a FUNdraiser for the MHMT this anniversary year?

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