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Buy A Drink For Mim!

The "Buy a Drink for Mim!" campaign is so easy to organise in any pub, bar, cafe, community centre, social club

It is a simple way to raise money, and a great way to raise awareness!

Laminates (below) explain the campaign. When customers buy a round, they ask the bar staff to buy a drink for Mim. £2 from their change goes into the MHMT collection jar behind the bar. Even if the venue just has a collection jar for us - every penny helps!

Step 1: Email us to let us know. We'd love to reciprocate by putting a link to your website on this page.
Step 2: Print out and display these laminates (.pdf). (You don't HAVE to laminate them!)
Step 3: Stick one of the laminates or this A4 info on a (secure) collection jar behind the bar.
Step 4: The venue pays it into their account and makes an electronic donation to the MHMT via our Donate page.
That's how easy it is!

"Buy a Drink for Mim!" can be run for a limited period, or keep it going indefinitely!

Can you help?

Xmas 2015: The Black Boy & Marsh Harrier held "Buy A Drink For Mim!"

Renowned Gastropub, the Black Boy, and lovely Oxford local, the Marsh Harrier supported the MHMT by holding "Buy a Drink for Mim!"

The Marsh Harrier had a collection jar on their bar since August and they raised over £300! They kept up the campaign over Christmas.

At the Black Boy they held "Buy a Drink for Mim!" as part of their Christmas offerings, encouraging parties to donate when they visited for Christmas dinner.

Will your local pub, bar, cafe, community centre, social / sports club hold "Buy a Drink for Mim!" this Christmas - or any time of year?!

THANK YOU to everyone at the Black Boy and the Marsh Harrier!

Mim enjoying a drink in Oxford, December 2004

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