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Charity Challenge for the MHMT: Kate Green treks the Great Wall of China

In October, 2009 Kate Green did a five-day Charity Challenge trek along the Great Wall of China to raise money for the MHMT.

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Kate wrote: "Just finished Day 2 - in my MHMT t-shirt! "Amazing on the Wall... Spectacular, breathtaking views. So far, seems like the training has paid off, but won't speak too soon!"

Kate returned to the UK on 11th October having completed the 63km route along the Great Wall.

Kate said there was a great spirit of cameraderie and good humour. That was particularly important when the going was rough, when the steps were reduced to rubble, when the paths were so narrow that one had to move in single file, and when there were steep descents on either side.

"Mim would love the surroundings, majestic and awe-inspiring, and the idea of building a wall on such a scale in the first place and then executing that plan is a tribute to human endeavour."

THANK YOU KATE for this incredible effort on behalf of the MHMT!

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