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Love Hate Love: Host a Community Screening

Will YOU host your own community screening of LOVE HATE LOVE, the acclaimed documentary by KTF Films, featuring the MHMT?

You can now buy the Love Hate Love DVD!

Email us to buy your own copy of Love Hate Love for just £8 + p&p.

KTF Films are kindly donating all proceeds of DVD sales through us to the MHMT - THANK YOU KTF!

You can then show Love Hate Love to your friends and family, and if you collect any donations they will be gratefully received!

If you are planning to charge entry to your screening, you still need to do the following:

The screening process is EASY and you can recover the reasonable price of the one-time license fee with a small charge per head. You choose how you charge (a fixed rate, a suggested minimum, or discretionary) and any profits can be donated to one of the causes in the documentary or used however you wish.

See a trailer for Love Hate Love on the KTF Films website!

Read Esther's report on the Love Hate Love world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival

It works like this:
1. Email with an estimate of your audience size and the date and venue.
2. Esther will get back to you with further details, including the links to complete the process.
3. Pay the one-time license fee and the disc deposit by PayPal or cheque.
4. Esther will send you a copy of the Love Hate Love DVD and a pre-paid return envelope. You will also receive links to the facilitation pack with suggestions for discussion after the screening, and promotional materials.
5. Hold your screening in any paying setting, from cinemas to community centres!
6. Your deposit will be cancelled when you return the disc in the pre-paid envelope - within a week of your screening please!

For more info see the KTF Films FAQ

Will you give YOUR community a chance to see this inspiring documentary?

Click HERE for details of previous screenings

Some Facebook comments from people who saw Love Hate Love during the UK community screening launch

"Love Hate Love is an amazing film; both heartbreaking and uplifting. I feel lucky to have seen it! I'm full of admiration for the 'stars' of the film who have been able to turn pain and trauma inside out and give give give. It also made me think how lucky most of us are, how petty most of our everyday worries, and that all that matters is looking after each other. Thanks :-)" - L Richards

"Very very moving and positively uplifting. Sometimes 90 mins can be too long for a documentary but not in this case. Interspersing the stories works well." - S Beirne

"A very, very moving film. There are so many dimensions to the stories. What struck me was the different paths in the finding of an appropriate tribute. In the case of Miriam it was a way of helping her spirit to live on. For Peter's parents it was finding and supporting an answer to the cycle of violence and a path to release and for Ben it was simply to carry on surviving and sharing courage. I would like to thank the Hyman family and MHMT for putting on these screenings." - J Evans

"What a fantastic, moving film. It touches every emotion from smiling to tears. Its amazing the strength these families found after THE WORST pain and heartache they have ever had to encounter. It is truly inspirational. Their hard work is paying off daily as others less fortunate around the World, get to live a better Life, one way or another." - F Ward

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