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Love Hate Love screening in Malaysia

Love Hate Love has been screened in Malaysia as part of its community screening programme.

Friend of the MHMT, Susan Verghese, has kindly organised a screening of Love Hate Love, the feature-length documentary by KTF Films that shows our work along with that of Ben Tullipan (Bali boming survivor) and the family of Peter C Alderman who was killed on 9/11.

Susan met Esther when they both attended an event at the Warrington Peace Centre in 2008. They have been in touch ever since, and when Susan heard about the Love Hate Love community screening programme, she decided to host a screening in Borneo where she has been mentoring primary school teachers for the last two years.

The screening was on Monday 16 September 2013.

THANK YOU SUSAN for thinking of the MHMT and hosting this exotic screening of Love Hate Love :)

Would YOU like to host a screening of this acclaimed documentary? It's easy to organise in any community setting. Details here.

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