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Lucy Goldsmith & Colin Hodder's sponsored John O' Groats - Land's End cycle ride!

Lucy Goldsmith and Colin Hodder have FINISHED their sponsored cycle ride for the MHMT - they cycled 973 miles from John O'Groats to Land's End - from tip to tip of the UK!

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You can still SPONSOR LUCY AND COLIN on their JustGiving page and help to make their huge efforts worthwhile - every penny helps! Thank you :)

Lucy and Colin had to abandon their first attempt in March due to bad weather and illness, but that has not deterred them and they started their second attempt on Friday 16 August! They finished just 12 days later (it often takes 14 days but they rode like the wind!)

Lucy and Colin kept a very entertaining blog on Facebook - you can read all the entries here :)

Lucy says:
"On 9th March I set off with a complete stranger, Colin Hodder, to cycle the length of mainland Britain, from Lands End to John O'Groats. We arranged it online through the cyclists touring club (CTC) forum and did the ride in aid of the Miriam Hyman Memorial Trust. Unfortunately it snowed... and I love snow... but it snowed a lot, and I got flu, we pulled out at 440 miles, somewhere around Preston. However, all was not lost, although my friends feared for my safety heading off into the great unknown with a man I did not know, fortunately Colin turned out to be a good (tofu) egg. A very good one in fact :) We laughed uncontrollably for the first few days, took turns to provide a slip stream for each other, and Colin ate vegemince with me all the way despite his usual omnivorous diet. When I got ill he made me porrige and refused to cycle on without me, so instead we spent a week in the highlands doing more normal snowy activities such as skiing and walking in the mountains. It was a fantastic experience but we did not complete our challenge and could not let it lie, so...

"My now boyfriend (Colin, no longer such a stranger) and I are setting off to re-attempt the end-to-end on Friday 16th August! This time we will head in the opposite direction - John O'Groats to Lands End - from Colin's end of the country (the Scottish Highlands) to mine (the South-West of England)."

After the end, Lucy wrote:
"The day was a breeze, a lovely bit of riding with the only mishap and the only major event of the trip being that we crashed into each other a mile before the finish. I blamed Coll... he blamed me... we nearly finished JOGLE angry with each other... but instead we laughed and made a video down the finishing straight. We were looking forward to crossing the finish line at speed... but the world and its wife were at lands end this time round and we hit a traffic jam at the finish line and had to weave through. We then had to queue behind about 50 tourists for our photo at the signpost. It was worth it though, great to get that photo again but this time having ridden 937 miles to get there all the way from John O' Groats!"


Here is the info that was on this page in March.

Lucy Goldsmith and Colin Hodder attempted a sponsored cycle ride from Land's End to John O' Groats for the MHMT!

Click HERE to sponsor Lucy and Colin on JustGiving - THANK YOU!
Lucy got in touch to say that she made a last-minute decision to do a sponsored cycle from Land's End to John O' Groats for the MHMT. She started on Saturday 09 March together with Colin Hodder, who she got in touch with through the Cycling Tourist Club website. The whole journey typically takes two weeks. 

Dr Rao, Chairman of the L V Prasad Eye Institute, wrote: "The cycle ride undertaken by Lucy is indeed inspirational and we are all grateful for this friend of yours. These examples continue to act as a tonic for us to keep moving ahead."



As per the previous update (below), Lucy was coming down with a bad chest, which was getting worse as the days went on. Today (Sunday 17 March) Lucy and Colin made the difficult decision to abandon their attempt, despite having made it 440 miles to Lancashire.

This morning, Lucy updated her Facebook event page: "Things aren't looking great, I seem to have the flu. No cycling today and probably going to have to call it a day :( we're both feeling pretty gutted :("

This afternoon she phoned to say that she's feeling better after Colin kindly sourced some medication! She said that they have both decided that it's best to abandon the attempt and nobody would want Lucy to do herself a mischief so we are very glad that she has made the right decision, instead of pushing on as she has been doing for a few days now.

Lucy writes: "We rode 440 miles...We pushed our fully laden bikes through soft sand for 2 miles, battled against a strong head wind over the steep Cornish hills and had 3 days of snow, some hail, only a little rain, and such severe giggles for the first few days I'm amazed we managed to balance on our bikes at all and get anywhere! We couldn't even stop laughing to have our photo taken under the signpost at lands end. We still want that picture under the john o'groats signpost though. We are not yet done with this mission and will hopefully be able to complete it in the summer!"

Lucy and Colin made it more than half way so it would be so appreciated if you would STILL CONSIDER SPONSORING THEM, and a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who did!

THANK YOU LUCY AND COLIN for this monumental effort in difficult conditions. GET WELL SOON LUCY!



This update from Lucy's Facebook page on Day 6 (Friday 15 March) - PLEASE SPONSOR LUCY and COLIN - Lucy is now contending with a bad chest as well as more bad weather!

"You know you're in the proper North when the signs tell you it's south to Birmingham! Today we made it as far as somewhere proper northern which is where we are now... Which is somewhere a few miles north east of Warrington... I believe this is somewhere between Liverpool and Manchester, so definitely North of a lot of places but still south of Scotland and the lake district which we hope to reach tomorrow. Today, after a delayed start, waiting for our laundry to dry (after a week of wear it had been in dyer need of a wash)... We made speedy progress along the A49, which was surprisingly scenic and not too depressing for a big A road. We averaged 13mph and rode 76 miles. Colin kindly took the lead the whole way as I have managed to develop a nasty cough and sat behind feeling a bit ill. We got a great deal for a hotel so have a nice comfy bed. So much for camping all the way, we've been carrying our tents and all our camping gear all the way but so far apparently only for extra resistance training and to prepare weird camping style meals in hostels and travellodge rooms :) Colin has been introduced to all kinds of vegan specialities... And less special experiments. My personal favourite high calorie lunch being the peanut butter pasta and sweetcorn sandwich. He wasn't too keen on that one..."


I spoke to Lucy today, Tuesday 12 March, who reported that she and Colin decided to go ahead with their plans despite the unseasonably wintry weather, although they have thankfully been staying in b&b's instead of camping..!

Day 1: Lucy and Colin covered nearly 70 miles and were lulled into a false sense of security... 

Day 2: They covered 25 miles, having been given a "helpful" tip by a local to take a ferry (in low tide, they ended up lugging their kit through sandy estuary and up flights of steps)! 

Day 3: They covered more ground and made it as far as Oakhampton. 

Today is Day 4 and Lucy and Colin are hoping to make it to Taunton or Bristol if things go well. 

Please sponsor Lucy and Colin as generously as you can, and make their grand effort in these wintry conditions worthwhile! 

Your ££ will go towards the current MHMT fundraising goal of £50,000 to provide advanced training abroad for a member of the Miriam Hyman Children's Eye Care Centre team. 

This is Lucy's second sponsored cycle ride for Miriam and the MHMT. In 2010 she cycled through Europe. You can read about it here.

This July will be the fifth anniversary of the opening of the MHCECC. Will YOU do a FUNdraiser for the MHMT this anniversary year? See our Donate page for ideas - THANK YOU! 

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