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MHMT Trustees visit MHCECC

December 2011: MHMT Trustees Kathy Batten and Esther Hyman visit the Miriam Hyman Children's Eye Care Centre

Esther arrived in Bhubaneswar on 02 December and Kathy followed on 20 December. On 26 December they went together to the L V Prasad Eye Institute's original centre in Hyderabad. Esther's third visit to India and Kathy's first, important foundations were built upon and more laid for the future.

Esther used her extended time in Bhubaneswar to collect materials for the electronic educational Resource being developed in partnership with Copthall School.
As well as using Miriam's Story as an introduction to themes of social harmony, global citizenship and critical thinking, it will also include a locality study of the rich and fascinating culture of Orissa, where the MHCECC is located. It will provoke an appreciation for diversity whilst acknowledging our common human experience.

For both Trustees the ultimate enduring experience is seeing first hand the difference that MHMT donations are making - to the practice and reach of the MHCECC, to the staff there, to the thousands of patients who benefit from its services, their families and communities. From the expensive RetCam that is saving the sight of hundreds of premature babies to the relatively inexpensive mobile unit that is enabling screening outreach in maternity hospitals, schools and slums, as well as patient and staff transport, the items donated by the MHMT since we originally equipped the MHCECC in 2008 are having huge measurable and immeasurable positive impact on the lives of countless people.

We will be extending our existing reports on different aspects of the MHCECC with material gathered during the visit.

Thanks are due to so many individuals and organisations, this is not the right time to list them all. But of special mention is everyone in the L V Prasad Eye Institute network. We asked ourselves why it is that each individual in that organisation is so exceptional. We learned that it is because the demands made on them are as exceptional as their achievements and it takes a certain kind of person to live up to those demands. Thanks to them not only for their hospitality but for every bit of their hard work in making realities of their network and the MHCECC.


Kathy and Esther at the Bhubaneswar Club


Entrance to the MHCECC

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