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Mimento exhibition marks 7/7 anniversary at City Hall

Exhibition of Mim's art at City Hall, London to mark 10th anniversary of 7/7

Mimento: Paintings & Pastels by Miriam "Mim" Hyman
Monday 06 July to Thursday 09 July 2015
City Hall, The Queen's Walk, London SE1 2AA
Report to follow soon

This collection of over thirty of Mim's pictures in different media was first shown at City Hall over the first anniversary of the London bombings in 2006. An accompanying book with over 100 reproductions was also published at that time.

This is the fourth showing of the Mimento exhibition and we are grateful for the opportunity to share it again at this time, as nothing made Mim happier than bringing pleasure to others, and she is still able to do that through her art - a direct legacy.

We are also grateful to City Hall for extending the invitation to the reception on the eve of the anniversary to the "7/7 community". We hope that it will provide an appropriate gathering for those who seek each others' company and support on this poignant day. Please email by 28 June to attend.

Mimento: Paintings and Pastels by Miriam Hyman Greater London Authority website (includes map)

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