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Mimento, Oxford

Mimento Exhibition, Oxford
Kindly sponsored by Getty Images
The Gallery, Oxford Town Hall

In July 2006 an exhibition of Mim's artwork, “Mimento - Paintings & Pastels” was hosted by Mayor Ken Livingstone in London's City Hall to mark the first anniversary of the London bombings.

The same exhibition was shown in The Gallery, Oxford Town Hall for two weeks in February 2008 and was a great success, with more than 500 visitors and over £500 raised through the sale of Mimento merchandise, including the book Mimento: Paintings and Pastels by Miriam Hyman which contains over 100 reproductions, including all the pictures in the exhibition.

Esther says:
“Mim’s greatest joy in life was giving pleasure to others, and she is still able to do that through her artwork. The exhibition received a universally positive response, and my reward for organising this showing was chatting with visitors and hearing their reactions.

“We have to thank Oxford City Council for awarding us a Cultural Grant for part of the cost of hire of The Gallery, and Debi Hughes of Macmillan Publishing who recruited Getty Images as sponsors for the remaining costs of putting on this showing of the exhibition. Thanks also to the Lord Mayor of Oxford, Cllr John Tanner, who gave a welcome at the Private View on 7th February, and to the local media whose coverage ensured that the exhibition was well-attended.

“Lots of friends helped with the distribution of posters and flyers, and Debi Hughes, Fern Ward, Mark Cope and Richard Wildsmith all gave me a break from manning the exhibition. AD White helped with everything from transporting the artwork to installing it, uninstalling it and much more.

“All the staff at Oxford Town Hall supported us in every way possible, from Owain Pearce who is responsible for the running of The Gallery to the porters, caterers (Foster's) and reception staff."

Mayor Tanner addresses the Private View

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