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Miriam's Vision Education Resource

In 2015 the MHMT launched educational website, Miriam's Vision: A Response to the 2005 London Bombings

Click here to visit - access the materials and watch a video about the MHMT and Miriam's Vision

Developed in association with the UCL Institute of Education and Miriam's school, Copthall School, to work towards an inclusive society, safer from violent extremism while helping young people to develop transferable life skills to face adversity with resilience.

There is now a duty on schools, local authorities, community groups and prisons to prevent people from being drawn into extremism. Miriam's Vision is a vehicle for providing this in any educational setting in a non-confrontational way.

Miriam’s Vision is her legacy. It personalises and makes issues of violent extremism more accessible through Miriam’s story: What happened to her on 7/7, how her family and friends responded, and the implications for responsible citizenship and a true understanding of diversity.


“Miriam’s Vision” is apolitical and non-religious. It is a collection of unique, high quality lesson plans for secondary school teachers, including guidance notes and accompanying resources (video footage, photographs, reproductions of artefacts from Odisha, the location of Miriam's memorial, the Miriam Hyman Children’s Eye Care Centre). This will support teachers in approaching the topic of the London bombings in a non-confrontational way. Students will develop tools to demand tolerance of themselves and of others to enable them to live more harmoniously in a pluralist society.

Miriam's Vision is freely accessible via a dedicated website,

“Miriam’s Vision” is a vehicle to learn about 7/7 in a non-confrontational way. Lesson plans meeting National Curriculum requirements, accompanying materials and guidance notes in six curriculum areas provide opportunities for students to develop life skills:
Dealing with adversity through independent thought and rational, responsible action (History and PSHE).
Considering democratic process as a non-violent way of dealing with conflict (Citizenship).
Experiencing a new culture – that of Odisha, the site of Miriam’s memorial – and appreciating that diversity is local response to universal needs for nourishment, shelter, aesthetics and spirituality (Geography, Art, Dance).
Participating in a communal activity that impacts the real world, raising money for the Outreach Programme at the Miriam Hyman Children’s Eye Care Centre (Business & Enterprise). Through this module and the ones on diversity, Art, Dance and Geography, the MHMT will continue its commitment to the Miriam Hyman Children's Eye Care Centre.

“Miriam’s Vision” was trialled in secondary schools before its launch in July 2015. It can also be used in other learning environments including community groups, eg youth and special interest clubs. “Miriam’s Vision” will also be extended to primary schools

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The MHMT's current fundraising efforts are being directed to this project. Miriam's Vision has been developed with enormous input of expertise and resources, and with care to assess impact on both teachers and students. The next challenge is to maximise uptake in schools and other educational settings. Funding will be used for project management, marketing, distribution and impact measurement. The MHMT will also continue to develop Miriam's Vision in partnership with primary schools.


The Miriam's Vision Art module: 3D hanging sculpture based on the applique lanterns of Pipili, Odisha


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