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Mobile Unit acquired! New target: Upgrade Operating Room

We are delighted to announce the acquisition of a purpose-built Mobile Unit. This will be modified to capitalise on the considerable investment in the portable RetCam Shuttle which can now be transported safely to the local maternity hospital twice a week to screen premature and underweight babies for detached retina. The rest of the week the Mobile Unit can carry equipment to test the eyesight of children in isolated villages and slum areas where they are unlikely to be attending school. If necessary, spectacles can be supplied without charge. The Mobile Unit displays the MHMT logo as well as the name of the Miriam Hyman Children's Eye Care Centre to publicise accessibility of local eye care services.

We are grateful to all our supprters, including anonymous donors, for their generous contributions.

Head of the MHCECC, Dr Kesarwani, tells us of one patient who benefitted from the vehicle on 03 March, 2011 (see the photos below): "The MHMT vehicle was taken to another hospital for screening. The same vehicle was used to bring an infant from that peripheral hospital as he needed Laser treatment for ROP (Retinopathy of Prematurity). The MHMT RetCam was used to record the findings and prompt Laser treatment could be administered on the same day. Thanks to the MHMT vehicle a newborn from a poor family could be screened, transported and treated on the same day!"

Current Fundraising Target: Upgrading the MHMT Operating Room at the MHCECC

Since opening in 2008, there have been 1,300 surgeries at the MHCECC. It is anticipated that this number will increase by a minimum of 130 surgeries per year in the short- to medium-term.

It is a measure of success that a second anaesthetist and an additional consultant in paediatric glaucoma have been employed. Confidence of referring opthalmologists increases with the successes of previous patients, and word of mouth is a powerful means of attracting new patients. Information on the availability and use of facilities and equipment, such as the RetCam, is filtering through the province and beyond, particularly since the recent Neonatal Ophthalmology convention at LVPEI, Bhubaneswar.

There is, therefore, continuing pressure to upgrade the existing Operating Room. The expansion is in line with the longer term plan to develop the MHCECC into an independent paediatric eye care institute. The MHMT needs £32,000 for this project.

Click here to donate or see our Donate page for fundraising ideas. Thank you.

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