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Letter in Book of Tributes

Edited excerpt from "Book of Tributes: July 7th 2005" created in memory of the victims of the 7/7 London bombings. It is permanently available for public viewing in the Museum of London and at St Ethelburga's Centre for Reconciliation & Peace

Dearest Miriam

It seems a great travesty that you lost your life in the bombings of 7 July. You, with your great respect for human life and well-being, your care in making strangers feel at home on your own territory, and your active protest against the war in Iraq.

You used to say, "How lucky am I, that I have so many good friends?" They have well and truly shown their mettle and rallied round us, showing no letup in their purpose to find you during the four days after the bombings when we had no news of you.

We remember the theme Rabbi Charles Emanuel chose for your funeral service. "Had Miriam been with us today what would she have said?" His final thought was most poignant: "She would have said, 'Support each other, for in support you will find strength'."

We remember well something you used to reflect on at times when you had been offended. "I don't have to lower my standards just because others choose to do so." For our part we have tried to respond as positively as we know how to what happened on 7th July, so that your life will continue to be a blessing, to those who knew you and to those who have not known you.

Your modesty would make you find it astonishing that some people are remembering your life and emulating your example; choosing personal fulfillment over security and material prosperity.

There is so much we could say, but above all else we are deeply grateful for the thirty-two years we have had together. No one can ever take that away from us. As long as we live we shall love you as deeply as we ever did.

Your loving family

Mavis, John, Esther

Miriam's Letter

Miriam's mother, Mavis, reads the letter on BBC Radio 4's iPM Programme.
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