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Inaugural Speeches

Dr Taraprasad Das

Taraprasad Das
Chair of the L V Prasad Prasad Eye Institute, Bhubaneswar (BLVPEI)


Two years since the inauguration of BLVPEI. When I look back I see barren land and no trees. When I look back I see hundreds of workers working very hard to build the structure. When I look back I see the trust of all our big and small supporters who believed in us.

Two years of a very humbling experience. I recall with nostalgia when a patient said ‘the doctor is busy planting a tree. I am suspicious that this is an eye hospital!’. This was when I was supervising planting the first tree near the front gate on a rainy afternoon.

Yes, it is a completion of two years so it is customary to give you all a progress report. 62,000 out-patients, 6000 surgeries, 4700 school children survey, 300 low vision services, 38 publiations and 4 awards. There is also an optometry internship, optometry degree programme and comprehensive ophthalmology fellowship programmes.

On behalf of the Institute and myself I thank the Miriam Hyman Memorial Trust for their generous support. I like to dream. I dream that the Centre grows to an Institute of its own – the Miriam Hyman Children’s Eye Institute, in five years. It will be an institute where we create and practice new knowledge, an institute where we translate medicine from lab to clinic and from clinic to curb side.

Thank you all.

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